Fellowships (WPS)


The fellowship aims to generate knowledge, build skills, strengthen relationships and exchange strategies among frontline advocates and organizers working on issues of social change, justice, and, more broadly, security for all people. The fellowship program has two main goals that are aligned with WPS program goals—one, to create a participatory space for collaborative engagement among its participants in order to facilitate cross learning; and two, to increase visibility of the diverse kinds of peace work being done by participants in their communities.

Through the fellowship program, the WPS program aims to enhance current peace and security research and education by, a) building a grassroots understanding of peace and security that captures the complex processes and knowledges that make peace building possible and sustainable; and b) generating a more expansive understanding of peace and security work, including the domains of political, economic, social, cultural, personal and ideological security.

Through six-month fellowship cycles, cohorts of women change makers representing a variety of geographic and thematic areas convene together as a critical learning community to learn from and with each other, both virtually and in person.

Through this program, Peace and Social Change Fellows have a platform to increase the visibility of their work and will strengthen their relationships with other women change makers in the field through:

  • The exchange and creation of knowledge with fellow grassroots activists and practitioners working broadly on aspects of peace and security, including themes such as reproductive health, environmental justice, refugee rights, gender-based violence and more.
  • Six months of ongoing exchange and skill-sharing workshops based on feedback and design by fellows.
  • Tailored research support from graduate students.
  • The opportunity to learn from and develop relationships with one another and with a range of faculty and WPS program staff, including Nobel Laureate, peace activist, and WPS Executive Program Director Leymah Gbowee, among others.
Participants in the WPS Fellowship Program in Nairobi, Kenya
2020 Africa Fellowship

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Woman with Peace wall who was a participant in the Fellowship program in Nairobi, Kenya
Previous Fellowship Cohorts

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