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Our Program

The Youth, Peace, and Society (YPS) Program is designed to identify, explore, and then act on the linkages between youth, social conflicts, violence, peace, and security, and to elicit and further develop best practices among youth community leaders. This is based on our guiding premises that community building is peace building, that social transformations require a bottom-up approach accompanied by a top-down effort, and that youth possess the leadership potential, grounded knowledge, and creativity to transform their social contexts.

Program Objectives:

The Youth, Peace, and Society (YPS) program aims to:

  • Systematically identify and explore the relationships between social conflicts, youth, peacebuilding, and security.
  • Promote innovative research, practice, and education to strengthen and develop the sustainable peace leadership capabilities of youth in urban and rural communities around the world.

Current projects work with youth community leaders and organizations to enhance their existing transformative practices, innovative technologies, enthusiasm, motivation, and knowledge, and to support and further develop their role as change agents in promoting, building, and sustaining peace. The YPS program offers academic and educational support with innovative practices and tools for the youth to use in their local community efforts. This includes giving recommendations on fundraising, networking, and holding workshops on concepts of systems thinking, conflict resolution, and transformative leadership.

Recent Projects

Participants from the first cohort of the YPS Leadership Program at the United Nations.
YPS Leadership Program

A leadership program designed to advance the work of youth leaders from around the world. 

Workshop with youth community leaders in Medellin, Colombia.
Social Labs in Colombia

A collaborative-action project with youth leaders in Medellin and Castilla, Colombia. 

Photo of a workshop with youth leaders in Medellin, Colombia
Lessons and Voices from the Field

The YPS program's fieldwork has allowed for partnerships, publications, and applied work elsewhere.

Our People 

Photo of Beth Fisher-Yoshida
Beth Yoshida-Fisher

AC4 Executive Director

Photo of Aldo Civico
Aldo Civico

Adjunct Associate Research Scholar

Photo of Joan Lopez
Joan Lopez

YPS Program Coordinator

Partners and Affiliates

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