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Around the world, there is an increasing awareness of the linkages between the environment sustainability and human peace and security. Targets such as the Sustainable Development Goals have drawn out their interconnections, and academics have increasingly scrutinized how systems-level thinking can help reveal leverage points towards both environmental and human well-being.

Our Environment, Peace, and Sustainability (EPS) program focuses its research in areas of environmental conflict, guided by theories of social-ecological systems. We conduct research around local resource governance and conflict management, generating knowledge and practice around environmental conflict resolution and peacebuilding. Our projects have a participatory focus, placing social justice and environmental well-being side-by-side.

We work closely with governments and civil society organizations to encourage environmental peacebuilding and improved attention to local sustainability-peace-security nexuses in decision-making. At the same time, theories and lessons from EPS are then integrated into courses at Columbia, under the leadership of ACDirector, Dr. Joshua Fisher.

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Our People 

Headshot of Josh Fisher
Josh Fisher

EPS and AC4 Director

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Poonam Arore

Adjunct Research Scholar