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Global Fellowships 

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Decade of Action

Supporting under-represented groups and disciplines for over a decade 

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focus on sustainability, social justice, diversity, gender, and interdisciplinary research 

Our fellowship and internship programming seeks to stimulate and support innovative practice-oriented projects around the globe, conducted by students, faculty, scholars and activist. The thematic focus of the research is centered on sustainability, conflict resolution, violence prevention, social change, peace, and economic development. 

We strive to provide funding and professional development opportunities to students and scholars interested in promoting sustainability, peace, and social change. Our graduate fellows and interns are from every continent and their interdisciplinary applied research as well as practice oriented projects focus on the various pillars of sustainability. Below you will find a mere sampling of the various fellowships we've supported through the years. 


Fellows, Interns & Scholars

EPS fellows
Signature Initiative & Sustainability Fellowships ( YPS, EPS, PM, PIP)
Global Conference Fellowships
Global Conference Fellowships
Global Conference Fellowships
 Professional Development & Internships
Professional Development & Internships
Internships, Program Research Assistants & Professional Development