Dr. Joshua Fisher participates in NERPS webinar on sustainable development and peace with Dr. Jeffrey Sachs

October 15, 2020

On September 23rd/24th, Dr. Joshua Fisher participated in the webinar on "Sustainable Development as a Path to Peace: A conversation with Dr. Jeffrey Sachs" through NERPS at Hiroshima University in Japan.

The webinar was the first in a series of webinars on the relationship between peace and sustainability in the context of environmental, socio-political, economic, and technological transformations. This series is situated within the urgent need to deal with the implications of global change, including the COVID-19 pandemic, for peace and sustainability. The webinar sessions serve as a platform for rethinking and updating the current discourse on peace and sustainability amidst these global challenges and transformations. Leading experts will discuss the role of resources, digital technologies, migration, governance, and education in peacebuilding, conflict mitigation, humanitarian aid, and capacity-building, among other components that contribute to the achievement of the Sustainability Development Goals, particularly that of Goal 16 on Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

In celebration of this year's International Peace Day, the inaugural guest speaker was Dr Jeffrey D. Sachs. He discussed how sustainable development offers a path to peace, both by ensuring a global society that is fair for all and by encouraging international cooperation that can help to overcome fear, bigotry, and narrowmindedness. Dr. Fisher participated in the webinar to provide commentary on Dr. Sachs' address and discussed the NERPS vision for the processes needed for societal peace. 

Watch the webinar here: