Combatting Climate Change with the Columbia Global Centers: AC4 Director Josh Fisher discusses work in Amman, Jordan

December 09, 2019

On December 3rd, AC4 and EPS Director Josh Fisher, spoke on the panel "Combatting Climate Change: Regional Responses to Global Problems" which discussed the work of the Columbia Global Centers. He presented his work with the Global Center in Amman, Jordan, where he has worked with Columbia University students and Israeli and Arab stakeholders on sustaining social and environmental life amidst climate change challenges. The event was hosted by the Columbia University President's office and the Earth Institute, and was moderated by Alex Halliday.

"The history of the Jordan River system is one of conflict, and climate change is causing shifting precipitation patterns, less food security, and the infrastructure isn't set to handle current rainfall patterns. However, history has also shown elements of rich cooperation and conflict resoltuion, as well," Fisher stated.

Other presenters included Ruth DeFriesUniversity Professor; Denning Family Professor of Sustainable Development, who presented on agriculture in India, Lisa SachsDirector of the Center on Sustainable Investment,  who spoke on how extractive industries are addressing the climate crisis in Latin America, Jason BordoffDirector of the Center on Global Energy Policy, who spoke on energy in China, and Faye McNeillProfessor of Chemical Engineering, who discussed air pollution in Africa and India.

Watch the full presentation here: