Join Peter Coleman and ICCCR for The Way Out Challenge!

March 21, 2023

Calling out to all Politically-Exhausted Americans! (It's 80+% of us) 

Beginning on March 20, 2023, Time magazine will be partnering with the nonprofit Starts With Us and over 100 other organizations who make up the Bridging Movement Alignment Council to launch a new social movement in the U.S. 

It will begin small and easy by offering you access to our Political Courage Challenge, a series of once-a-day “nudges” or micro-exercises, 5-days a week for a month, to help exercise and build up community tolerance and courage – within yourself, your political ingroup, in your cross-partisan relationships, and in your broader community.

Join us and learn more about the Finding The Way Out Challenge!

Happy #ListenFirst Friday! Thanks for joining us on this journey.

About the #ListenFirst Coalition
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