Lessons and Voices from the Field (YPS)

Lessons and Voices from the Field

Our team has been working with youth for over five years. In our interactions in the field with youth community leaders we have noticed the level of sophistication that informs their work. Responding to the most pressing issues youth face around the globe, they have designed powerful methods, technologies, and social practices to transform their communities. Based in this, we have developed an approach that looks to learn from these practices, disseminate them between and across academic disciplines, as well as to identify the entry points where we can act together, in a collaborative fashion, to strengthen and better channel these practices towards more impactful results.  

Our approach also sheds light on the existing lacunae between research, theory, and practice. Based on our experience working with youth we are raising new questions and reconfiguring the way research is done, the application of theory in practice, and the role of the researcher/practitioner in the field.